Saturday, January 18, 2014

January in the Gulf: Our own sort of Polar Vortex

Cold guy #1.

In every year that I have lived here, January has provided some of the most amusement. The talk of the weather is particularly fun for someone who spent eight chilly years living in Canada's capital of Ottawa.

(Even though apparently, even after all that time in that frigid city, I learned nothing about being truly cold. After all, I've never heard of the phenomenon known as "frost nip", and images of CNN reporters waving frozen golf shirts around were completely new to me. )

Anyway, I've been party to some amusing conversations, friends and colleagues who are "freezing" and "hate" the weather in Abu Dhabi, which at its coldest is a relatively (to me) balmy 13 degrees Celsius. And there is nothing more fun to me that spotting people who are totally unaccustomed to the cold and wrap themselves up as if, well, as if there were a polar vortex going on.

Cold guy #2

Cold guy #3

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