Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tim Hortons in Abu Dhabi, UAE and Canadian foreign ministers edition

What on earth are Canada's John Baird and the UAE's Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed talking about, do you think? Let's hope it's that pesky visa issue.

Today around 1pm, Abu Dhabi Mall location. 

So that was cool. I ran down to Abu Dhabi Mall today to check out this event, mostly because I am curious and also to see if they would say anything fun we could cover in our section. They didn't speak to the press there (although word is they will be saying something later today, stay tuned), just posed for some photos, sat at this table and drank some coffee.

I ran into Baird's director of communications Chris Day, who I used to cross paths with when he worked in TV news back in Ottawa, which was fun. There was quite a commotion among the gathered photographers in the beginning, all scrambling for shots and then being cut off. To a Canadian in Abu Dhabi, it was hilarious. In the words of The National's Canadian photographer Chris Pyke, who I also used to cross paths with in Canada's capital: "I never thought Baird coming to a Timmie's would be such big news."

In related news: Glazed sour cream doughnuts are still awesome.
In more related news: I did all this with a piece of bean stuck in my teeth.

Update: There is video of Baird meeting Dubai's ruler Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid watch it if you dare.

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Moe said...

I dared to watch the video.. and if you look closely in 1.57; you'll see something very interesting..

Sheikh Abdullah is wearing his seat belt.

Baird isn't.

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