Sunday, November 11, 2012

Today in yum-yums: Grandma's Cheese Cake

I passed by this kiosk in Abu Dhabi Mall the other day (it's across from The One) and finally decided: it's cheesecake time! What a great move that was: the piece I had was stunning. Caramel. Just two bites, really, of pure goodness. Creamy, sweet, with a delicious graham crust.

For about Dh10? Totally worth it.

A side note: I recently lost 10 pounds (almost a stone, for all you Brits; about 4.5 kilos, for everyone else) and it was both very difficult and quite easy. Difficult because I had been trying to for quite some time, without success, and easy because once I started losing it, it kept coming off.

But one key, I found, was eating much less of things, but still eating things I like. This tiny little portion of cheese cake is an excellent example of that. And the best thing is, even if you want to go back for a second one, as I did while looking at candles in The One, you won't because the guy will remember you and you'll feel silly.

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