Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tim Hortons in Abu Dhabi: Email exchange with Mushrif Mall management sheds no new light on opening

When Tim Hortons does open in Abu Dhabi I would very much like to write about it; informing other nationalities of the tremendous significance of the outlet being just one aim of such a piece. And so it was last week that, not wanting to wade my way through what I felt could be an arduous and potentially fruitless phone call, if my time in the business of finding things out in Abu Dhabi over the past three years is any indication, I sent the management an email instead. And from the response, I am starting to appreciate what might be holding things up.

 To: Melanie @ Mushrif Mall

Subject: Press question about Tim Hortons


Hi there,

We were wondering when Tim Hortons is opening - we'd love to do a piece on how much it means to Canadians and will (hopefully) mean to other nationalities.

Ann Marie McQueen

This was what I received back:

To: Ann McQueen

Subject: Re: press question about Tim Hortons


Regarding your email  we need to know if you have applied for electrical and water connection  from ADDC.
kindly let's know  what is status and inform me the case ID and application number  pls.

Thanks and regards,

Mushrif Mall  


Usman Sajeel Haider said...

Well, Nada is trying hard. Thats for sure.

Try this perhaps:

UmmZaynab said...

Omg. I just had an lol moment... and not just any lol moment; it was an all out belly laugh that caused all in the vicinity to look up at me while I wiped my eyes!

You are awesome!

tracy said...

Even if this Tim Hortons is only half as good as all you lovely Canadians would have us believe, it is going to be very good indeed. If it ever opens.

commentator Moe said...

I have now found out why there is such a delay with the Abu Dhabi 'branch'.

Thats right, 'branch'. As in, there's another location being built right now in ... Dubai..

To me, that looks like a Timmies about to open.


I am not impressed :(

Ahmed said...

loool, well that explains it then i guess.

Anonymous said...

its open in dubai isn't it?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ann Marie said...

MOE!!!! Your comment got lost! (amid all these grumps, I might add) I could have had a four-day jump on this!!!! OHHHHH NOOOOOOO

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