Saturday, September 10, 2011

News is different in the Middle East: Man finds his maid in bed with her lover

I am in Dubai for the weekend and took the opportunity yesterday to browse through some of the papers I don't normally get to see in actual print, including Xpress.

This story made me giggle a bit. It looks so serious, doesn't it? The man in the doorway, the light, the massive, all-caps headline. Only when you think about it for a minute do you realise that something that back in Canada would involve one very humiliating episode, for all involved, and some fallout embarrassment that might linger for a week here involves a court case, jail time and warrants page lead story. It's very easy to forget just how scandalous something like this is here. The papers are full of court cases of maids and household staff being caught in the action, their employers having reported them to the authorities. I can say "what's the big deal" all I want, but the law is the law.


Anonymous said...

My god, you are about as interesting as watching paint dry; every now and then I take a look at this crappy blog to get a chuckle ... and it works every time! How does it feel to be in that great Metropolis of Dubai?

Anonymous said...

"The law is the law"

No - the law is a grossly offensive interference in the right of other people to conduct their private lives how they wish and an example of the disgusting hypocrisy of a society that claims to place a premium on privacy but, in fact, does no soch thing.

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