Saturday, May 7, 2011

Snoop Dogg remains awesome, wears a khandoura for his Yas Island concert

The picture is priceless, check it out in today's edition of The National. From the review:

The often-controversial rapper Snoop Dogg lived up to his reputation last night when he performed in Abu Dhabi - dressed in a khandoura and wearing sunglasses. The singer, known for hits such as Doggfather and Don't Stop, stayed true to form, letting slip a few expletives within minutes of arriving on stage - and throughout the concert.

I have a soft spot for Snoop, having interviewed him in Los Angeles once during a press event for a pretty terrible comedy called Soul Plane. (I am trying to find a copy of the story I wrote then, including his hilarious comments about becoming a leading man, so stay tuned) He is a true modern-day renaissance man. In addition to being a successful rap artist who can work with anyone he wants, he is a dedicated husband and father, high-school football coach and producer, sometimes of porn. He does all this, by his own admission, as a total and complete pot lover.

Sometime after I interviewed him, I was sent a press copy of his 2007 book, Love Don't Live Here No More, Doggy Tales: Vol 1, and it became a favourite pastime in our newsroom during times of stress to open it at certain spots for random bits of Snoop wisdom.

Here is a bit on looking at the world differently:

"There were things I'd never noticed, like the color of the building across the way. I'd always thought it was gray, but under the mid-morning sun, I realised it was really a dingy blue. Even the crackheads looked different..."

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