Monday, April 11, 2011

NYT's 36 Hours in Abu Dhabi gives me a couple of things to do

The New York Times' Seth Sherwood did a pretty good job of his mini-travel guide to Abu Dhabi, published this week. I love these 36-hour guides myself (appreciating in particular Kathmandu and Istanbul) and it's neat to be able to read one about the city in which you live.

It was also reassuring to see that there is a reason why I eat and drink all the time. Love the addition of Cafe Arabia, on 15th just off Airport Road, as well as Sho Cho in the Souk Qaryat al Beri. Delish. And although you could give the Sheikh Zayed Mosque and the Heritage Village a miss, you really shouldn't be that jaded.

A few misses: the piece fails to mention that One-to-One Hotel, at the moment, is not serving liquor. It also recommends Ferrari World, without indicating that the rides under its massive red roof may not be boasting a 100% record when it comes to being operational at all times.

And the most glaring of all: nowhere does it mention that Abu Dhabi offers the magical opportunity to get up close and personal with camels.

Still, a handy guide, one that indicates clearly how we live here: We like to drink, go shopping, and do very little else.

I am also now dying to go to Zyara, after this description:

Funky, bohemian and cheap are not adjectives normally used to describe anything in Abu Dhabi, but Zyara (Madinat Zayed area, next to Hilton Corniche Residence; 971-2-627-5007) is a rare bird indeed. Abstract art and couches upholstered with wild fabrics provide the d├ęcor at this cafe-restaurant, where locals and expats noodle on laptops (thanks to free Wi-Fi) and flip through Time Out Abu Dhabi. The menu ranges from French toast (22 dirhams) to savory manakish (warm flatbread rolled in spices and sesame seeds; 10 dirhams) and a dish called foul (mashed beans stewed with tomato, garlic and olive oil; 20 dirhams).


Lena Tolmach said...

Zyara is really great place to go. Very calm and unique place. Love it

Ann Marie said...

Two recommendations! Cool, see you there. Not in a creepy way :)

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