Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Keeping up will be that much easier: Kim Kardashian coming to Dubai

The star just Tweeted that she would be heading here "after the summer". (Reminds me of how everyone here says stuff might happen, inshallah, "after tomorrow".)

Typed Kardashian: "OMG I'm soooo excited I just booked a trip to Dubai! I've never been before! This is going to be such an experience!"

I imagine this will get a lot of attention, but not necessarily here. All the Kardashian reality shows air on E! here (that's three and an upcoming Khloe and Lamar, which debuts in the US on Sunday and will feature all the family at some point or the other). Khloe is on the cover of the first Cosmopolitan Middle East. And somehow, I can just picture them in Dubai.

And yes, I follow Kim Kardashian on Twitter.


The Last Ephor said...

Dear UAE,

Kim Kardashian is coming to your country. Please keep her.

Thank you,


rosh said...

Oh dear lord. Maybe they won't let her in? Only if someone happen could slip her home made sex tapes to immigration!

Seriously though, the UAE does not need Kim or her lousy sisters. There's a lot of trash to deal with as is! When did talent, or class, or decency not matter?

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