Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dear taxi driver: Asking a female passenger about her breasts is not cool

I got into a taxi near Al Falah Plaza last night. I was famished, so scarfing down a crunchy snack. I apologised to the man.

Driver: Where you from?

Me: Canada.

Driver: How many children, you?

Me: Two. (I always say this. I tire of blowing the minds of men from India and Pakistan who simply cannot fathom a woman my age might have no children.)

Driver (gesturing to his own chest): You give the milk?

Me (shocked, I manage to sputter): That's none of your business.

Now I realise that maybe this was a fair question, if he was just trying to figure out why I was so hungry and that seemed like the most logical explanation. But seriously, in what country could a strange man ask a woman this and not have it be weird?

The rest of the trip: We are silent, listening to the radio.


The Last Ephor said...

Why stop at 2? Tell them it's 5. Get progressively more ridiculous every cab you take.

P.s. I'm convinced you don't have a car as the taxis are blogfodder.

Ann Marie said...

Ha! Will do... it is true that taxis are blog fodder, but it has more to do with laziness (finding, buying, parking, dealing with traffic) and fear of accidents than anything else.

Dave said...

And when you tell them 5 children, also mention that each has a different father..... it is unlikely they will continue the conversation.....

rosh said...

WTF!? I'm so sorry to hear.

Anonymous said...

LOL!! Cheeky sod!

I think Duffy's plan is a good one - Dave's idea is a bit high risk - he'd probably drive you to the nearest police station where you'd have some explaining to do!

Kelly Taylor said...

You should have flashed him!

Anonymous said...

Give complain on 600 535353

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