Saturday, November 20, 2010

Midwakh & dokha: the latest thing in smoking

Wikipedia says dokha is Iranian tobacco mixed with leaves bark and herbs, and that this is a midwakh, or the pipe. Well, it's mixed with something all right, because smoking it renders speech impossible for about 1.5 seconds. This here is the number 2, which is apparently the strongest - a colleague let me try some this week.

These pipes are quite legal and very popular in the UAE, and the smoking of the dokha seems to have as much ritual attached as shisha - just in a more portable fashion. I am sure it is just as bad for you too, if not worse.

My friends from the West have increasingly been smoking these pipes, men AND women, and that alone cracks me up. It is also addictive, because none of them can seem to stop.

Also, one fellow is trying to take some home for his friends to American Thanksgiving. I will try and report back on how that went, if we ever hear from him again.


Anonymous said...

Hey there,

for your readers info. dokha is available in america at . they're a great bunch of dudes who are super helpful and love this stuff

Anonymous said... baby all the way
They are from Dubai and know there shit
They buy from bin Khumairi and Yousef Rida
Empiredokha sells complete bull shit I think from india because of the picture of the taj mahal in the background
Or he is just plain stupid.

Anonymous said... is coming soon with all the original brands from dubai

Anonymous said...

Smoking one cigarette is equivalent to 28 heads of dokha.

It is addictive, but not definitely not as much as cigarettes, cigarettes require about 6 months before you can be considered fully quit. With dokha you only need a week.

And you only need about 3-6 heads a day.

Anonymous said...

For all dokha lovers out there.. Herbal Tobacco company is another source to get your DOKHA... these guys are legit and have some serious petent tobacco

Anonymous said...

Iranian Dokha is available in India guys, this stuff is great, never knew it was available in INDIA..

I was checking out there site

Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah .. even i tried Iranian Dokha.. Amazing stuff!! and the starter kit is such a cool idea..

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