Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Possibly the world's laziest mall sign

And in Dubai Mall, where with 1,200 shops, not only do you regularly need detailed directions, a person can be pretty sure level one and two will have "more shops".


Anonymous said...

I just noticed this last weekend. Particularly the "YOU ARE HERE" helpfulness. Quite existential.

Seabee said...

Dubai Mall ahs the worst signage I've ever seen, completely useless. And tatty, with temporary hand-drawn signs all over the place.

mezba said...

You have a very good blog and post on interesting topics. However you never reply to any of your commentators. I do want to visit your blog and comment if I find something interesting, but the lack of courtesy from the blog owner in conversing with those who take time out to comment, is putting me off.

Hope you take this criticism in the helpful spirit in which it is offered.

Ann Marie said...

Oh Mezba, you are so right. Although "never" is a strong word!!! Thing is, it's a lot of work just to do a blog and while these days I barely have time for it (note dramatic drop in daily postings) I like it all the same.

All that to say I figure if I have some time I should put up a post rather than respond to commenters, even though I do appreciate you all so. (Especially the latest batch - y'all are funny!)

I promise to try harder. :)

pcmolnars said...

that is hilarious!

Kyle said...

I promise to try harder. :)


We're going to hold you to this line. And you can take that to the bank - LOL

Now, why the hell didn't I think of mezba's strategy to get you out of hibernation - LOL

You take care :)

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