Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Quote of the day

"Most men ask that a woman's height be between 155cm and 170cm, and they want her to have a fair complexion and be young. But I am against such conditions because I am looking to marry off women who have become spinsters. And I cannot promote something unless I have tried it myself. Three of my wives were spinsters when I married them and they are not even that pretty."

-Jaser al Ghanem, a matchmaker in Jordan who promotes polygamy as a solution to spinsterhood


Rich said...

Glad you posted the quote - I just read The National during lunch (a favorite) and saw the quote and laughed out loud. Why would an article like this even be written is beyond certainly shows a side of Jordan that most of us never know or see.

Wonder how the guy in the UAE is doing with his aim of 100 children...?

Why not said...


Heather Jane said...

I would hate to be the crazy cat lady in a country that pities my situation!

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