Monday, March 30, 2009

Random meat mention censorship & Oprah

I was watching Mama O last night, which I always do when homesick, and it was an episode about recession cooking. A topic that bored me six weeks ago, by the way, yet still I watched on. Anyhoo, one of the celeb chefs from one of the food networks – she had three or four of them on near the end – was making pulled pork, and MBC 4 had cut out the word "pork". Almost every time, which I found about as strange as the fact all of them, including Oprah, were sipping big, full glasses of pinot noir.

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Cristi Dandes said...

hey i found your blog while i was looking up "pulled pork sandwich in abu dhabi or dubai" on google :) i live in italy where it's impossible to find so since i'll be coming there for ufc 112 i thought it might be worth a shot to ask someone who lives can you help me out? i would really appreciate it

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