Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Today in firsts: Standup paddle boarding versus kayaking

Eastern Mangroves Corniche.
I've been meaning to try standup paddle boarding for 5 years now. During an interview with an expat website literally five years ago, I indicated that I was going to be trying standup paddle boarding imminently. 

And the thing was, I meant to. I really did. I don't know where the time goes on these things, but I guess it's the same gaping hole that swallowed my book and my screenplay. But you can't really compare something that would take two hours and is a five-minute drive from my house to something that would take hundreds of hours to complete. 

ANYWAY. The other day my friend and I made a plan to finally do it. We met at 9am at the place just off Eastern Mangroves Promenade. We got our paddle boards. We found them very, very tippy. We managed to get ourselves out into semi-open water, but we soon realized that due to the extensive dredging-esque operation going on down there, we didn't really have anywhere to go. After an hour our legs hurt and, our dream of getting away from it all fading, we decided to go back. Now, standup paddle boarding is a favorite activity of some people, and maybe I'll hear a passionate defense from someone, and perhaps I shouldn't judge after just one shot where we had to listen to (and look at) a lot of noisy machinery. 

But I'm going to. Because I absolutely love kayaking. And the whole time we were standup paddle boarding, we both kept wishing we could be sitting down. 

My favorite part of the day came when I asked if we could get a discount on the price due to the dredging. The nice guy manning the paddle boarding booth put me on the phone with the owner, who was awesome, listening as I explained the whole setup wasn't really what we had imagined. 

"Could we have a discount?" I asked.

"Okay," he said. "What would you like to pay?"

"I would like to pay nothing," I said. 

"Okay," he said. 

All that to say, I prefer kayaking. 

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