Monday, April 9, 2012

5 travel beefs as summed up by a funny&grumpy traveller on Twitter

My colleague @Fliss_c brilliantly summed up some of the worst habits and obstacles one can encounter when flying in and out of the UAE. In 140 characters or less. Feel free to chime in with your own in comments. My favourite is #2.

#1 MOVE ALONG! Why do they walk so slow, and randomly stop? Let's get some london tube rules in and stand to the right?

#2 he's been in the metal detector queue for 15 mins why the HELL is his watch, belt on and phone STILL in his pocket?

#3 when I'm asleep and my arm or leg edges out then you ram it with that two ton trolley and give an insincere "sorrrry"

#4 being skint and therefore having to transit at bahrain or qatar. Bahrain you're not too bad but qatar!!! Your airport su-uuu-cks.

#5 using the bathroom. It's always gross in there somehow. Always. Lingering wee smell.

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Jennifer J said...

Travel complaint, two words: eGate Roulette

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