Sunday, January 1, 2012

Al Dhafra Camel Festival: Steven Seagal edition

Catching up on some old press releases this New Year's Day, I thought I could just post some cute camel pics. Little did I know that Steven Seagal had paid a visit. Does anyone know why this late-80s American action-movie staple (of late more the straight-to-DVD variety) has been spending time in the UAE? I cannot find anything online.

This autumn someone reported a sighting at the Intercontinental in Abu Dhabi, but I was never able to confirm. Now, photographic evidence that Seagal (accompanied by lady friend+child) has something cooking in the UAE.


JP said...

That dude loves his black clothes eh?

Moe said...

If i had to guess: Sheikh Tahnoon is really big on martial arts, and steven seagal is one of the best martial arts sportsmen out there, and probably got invited by the sheikh to come out here to discuss hosting a sports event of some sort, and while he's here check out some cultural events.

this isnt the first time steven seagal was here.

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