Sunday, January 9, 2011

Canadian prime minister speaks on UAE-Canada visa, Camp Mirage, landing rights debacle

Harper to UAE: “Give me a break” | Canada | News | Toronto Sun


rosh said...

OK. I agree with Harper's POV. With all that's happened and continue to happen, it's not looking good for the UAE, and Emirates in the world arena. I think they are digging themselves in to an unpleasant hole.

Canada Immigration said...

Immigration on a whole is very beneficial to Canada and its residents. History tells repeatedly that it is human kind that loses its previleges. Immigration is good for Canada and its people in any way you consider but the undeue advantage taken by a few people in the name of refugee act bestowed by Canadian government is being highly misused. We have to wait and see how far Canada can allow people in the name of refugees. Of course, humanitarian concerns are to be given the highest priority for human kind’s development and survival but misuse of a syustm is highly deplorable. Let us all pray that the gates of immigration be not closed for all those good people and eligible aspirants just because of the refugees who infiltrate this country and can be a bigger and unsolvable problem. As of now Canada is large in heart and resources.

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