Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Grand mufti of Dubai not so into Emiratis marrying foreigners

Mixed marriages should only be allowed in certain circumstances, to prevent a proliferation of Emirati spinsters, says Dr Ahmed al Haddad.  

In Islam, choosing your life partner is a personal freedom,” he said, speaking at a Ramadan majlis on Sunday night. “But personal freedoms can be restricted for the benefit of the public interest.”  

Mixed marriages are more likely to end in divorce and their children are more likely to commit crimes, some experts at the majilis said.

“There should be very specific circumstances for when such marriages are allowed,” Dr al Haddad said. “Such as when a man is too old and cannot find an Emirati to marry him, or when he wants to take a third of fourth wife for certain reasons and no Emirati woman agrees to do so.”


rosh said...

I guess the idiot said it all!

Anonymous said...

I guess the Grand Mufti wasn't given the notes about the foreign wives of some of the sheikhs in the region.

Susan said...

OK, I can't think of anything to say that is even remotely polite!!!

I'm with Rosh!

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