Saturday, April 17, 2010

If I had a butler, I'd ask him to...

I was out with some work friends last night and one of them was talking about spending a night at Emirates Palace, where he and his wife were upgraded to a suite as it was their wedding anniversary.

With the suite came a butler. There is actually a sort of remote control for the room, he said, and on it is a button you can press to summon the butler. (I guess he just waits outside the door or something)

What did you get him to do? I asked.

We couldn't think of anything, he said. (I guess as much as we all think we would like a butler, if we had one we wouldn't know what to do with him, at least at first)

But then, just to illustrate the absurdity of it all, he added: "I've heard of people who call him up to say things like 'can you make a jacket for my cat?'


Pearl said...

Just recently started reading the Wooster and Jeeves books of P.G. Wodehouse, so of course all I can think is that the butler could help me solve my problems.



Unknown said...

Interesting blog. I believe that last statement. LOL Please, do come visit mine.

Mustapha Bir said...

You had better read some more, Pearl - Jeeves wasn't a butler, he was a gentleman's gentleman. Very different.

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