Thursday, October 8, 2009

Random Abu Dhabi fact

There are, or so I am told, as I have not personally counted them, 14 bars in the Howard Johnson hotel.


Palestinian said...

Sorry for the off-topic posting. You're comment about Angelina Jolie doing "good Work" in Syria etc. needs to be re-examined and looked at thoroughly.

Angelina Jolie has travelled a couple of times to the Iraq-Syria border and visited the refugee camps at the border. However, the UNHCR insisted that she hide (twist?) the fact that these were actually Palestinians expelled by the white man's puppet regime in Iraq.

To confirm this, please check the following link taken from Angry Arab's blog:

If there is such a thing as independent Arab journalism or should such a utpian ambition ever be realized, as an Arab, I expect every journalist to at least get their facts straight and not fawn over some inflated lips posing as a humanitarian ambassador.

Susan said...

Where the hell is there a Howard Johnson's?

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