Almost every night, at about 8.30pm

I've switched to a new job as a news editor, one that has me here in the evenings. There are thousands of stray cats in Abu Dhabi, some of them cute, some of them like this guy.

And one thing I've learned we can be sure of is that this cat will wander in the newsroom during the shift (possibly making a foray into the rafters back by the kitchen), that he will make a lot of noise, and several people will gather around him, and one of them will succeed in coaxing him out.


Heather Jane said…
After reading your blog (rather religiously) before visiting the UAE, I was fully expecting to be greeted by cats at airport. Cats in thobes, even. So I was really surprised that I only saw a handful of strays, mostly kittens in some back alleys.

What is it that Abu Dhabi has that Dubai doesn't that keeps the cats around? Keeping in mind I spent little time in the Marina and much of my holiday was spent near Deira.

Phillip said…
"Tab" is almost as appealing a cat as Bill.
rosh said…
AUH cats story is similar to SHJ. Stray cats are everywhere.
Photos Dubai said…
Ummm.... now that explains the high quality of The National. The cat writes the editorial!!

The cat is out of the bag....
I adopted one that looks just like that. Got her in the parking garage at my work.
Anonymous said…
Abu Dhabi needs the stray cats. Actually cats were introduced about 30 years ago to the island. Why?

Because we had/have a huge rat problem.

And tust me, these are big fucking rats. not cuddly rats.

So this is onee (and the most effective) measure to date for the rat and mouse problem.

Cat > rat
Pu├ža said…
his eyes say he's ready to catch a rat! I've seen a lot of cats here in Spain too in towns by the sea, there are even more than inland. But getting into the office... be careful...seems they are willing to work!!

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