Paris Hilton is in Dubai, right now!

Now if this was my old paper, the Ottawa Sun, we'd slap a Sens jersey on her and put her on the front page tomorrow. The National? I suspect it will be somewhere inside. And let's hope the hotel heiress has covered up.

Apparently she's here to shoot the second season of her reality show, Paris Hilton's My New BFF. The disdain is palpable.


rosh said…
Think I just got an ulcer. I'm flabbergasted, they let this (profanity of choice) in. This is a sad day.
Heather Jane said…
I can't see the taping of those episodes(partying, lack of clothing, etc, etc) going over so well there. Unless the producers decide to put a more modest twist to the show.
Already Dubai Eye, spend a whole 30 minutes talking about her this morning. Why God, why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trish said…
Did you apply to be her BFF?

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