Snap caption: My first parking ticket

Now if only I knew how much it was for...


Grumpy Goat said…
Try here. You'll need your Unified traffic ID, which is a ten-digit number in the bottom right-hand corner of your vehicle registration card.

You probably owe someone Dh200.
Anonymous said…
Based on the middle column, you've contravened parking rule 67. On the back of the ticket, you should find a penalty matching the number 67 in Arabic (which looks like a kind of 7 and then a V-shape, and unlike the rest of the Arabic script numbers are written left to right), which should explain the penalty.
But GG is right. You probably owe Dh200, which is the kind of default penalty.
Anonymous said…
Oh be thankful. last year I owed 9000 in tickets. This year it was 6400. Im getting better. 200 isnt bad at all.

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