Speaking of scary...

... Previously I have been scared to death of these vans, having only watched them hurtling down the highway. But last weekend took one of them to Dubai - me and 14 men. It's actually pretty cool. You wander over to the bus station on Muroor Road, find the men yelling "Dubai, Dubai", hand them 20 dirhams and get in.

The driver was very safe (and did not seem at all sleepy, as has been my fear) and even dropped me off on the side of the road by Mall of the Emirates so I didn't have to double back from the Dubai bus station to the marina. I couldn't find evidence of a seatbelt, though, so there's that.


Andrew Webber said…

That's how it works. It's been a topic of discussion at more than a few expat based dinners of late.

I am an avid user of the bus system here in Abu Dhabi and often have "through the windscreen" conversations with guys driving mini-vans.

They ultimately leave looking completely perplexed that I am happy to wait for the big, airconditioned, drops-me-off-2-minutes-walk-from-where-I-live-for-a-dirham bus!

20DHS AD - Dubai IS cheap though... worth remembering
amazingsusan said…
OMG. You are one brave woman. LOL. More guts than me...

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