So July 1 isn't special for everyone, I get that

I was chatting with a British friend on Skype tonight who asked if I was going to join a group watching the tennis tomorrow, and I explained that while I will be at the same bar (this is Abu Dhabi, after all) I will be there celebrating Canada Day with a bunch of, you know, Canadians.

Me: How could you forget?

Her: Actually, I didn't. I was just hoping you would be more excited about Wimbledon and say yes.

Me: It's pretty hard to trump Canada Day.

Her: Well .....


Siwash said…
Great to find out that July 1st is Canada Day. Well, I know that sometime end of January is Australia national day since I have been invited to a party every end of January by an Australian. Guess I do not have many social Canadian friends.
rosh said…
Happy 142nd Canada / Dominion Day fellow Canucks!
unJane said…
Well, no offense meant to any Canadians but the reason we (non-Canadians) aren't aware of most of your holidays is because you usually celebrate them amongst yourselves, rather than inviting foreign nationals along. We do all wonder at this phenomenon but respect your right to self-segregation.
Actually most non-canadians dont give a shit about it because Canada (like mexico) is a huge US state. So just move your "holiday" back a few days and celebrate it with the rest of your country. Must you be "different" and "Special" with everything?
rosh said…
"Actually most non-canadians don't give a shit about it because Canada (like mexico) is a huge US state."

Mr ABIT, you don't know much about Canada or Mexico, do you. Canada may not be significant in terms of global influence to the US, however, it is a lovely nation with a lot to offer for everyone. Canada is a nation which takes care of its citizens, and offers a lot to those less fortunate.

Re: Mexico. The Mexicans you may have come across in Arizona are not the ones you shall find in Mexico, likewise with Puerto Ricans - those in the US and those who live in Puerto Rico are completely different. Mexico and PR, have an incredible amount of culture, history and unique ways of life that many nations do not. Unless you've lived in these places, you probably wouldn't know how different Canada, Mexico or even PR is to the United States.

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