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Overheard in the newsroom: Sandance & Justin Bieber edition

I think Idris Elba would be a good choice for the next James Bond

Editor A: I want to buy some new shoes.
Editor B: Me too, and I know where they are and how much they cost.

I'm getting tired of Justin though.

Snap caption: Banged up joke suitcase not so different from my banged-up real suitcase

Love the quirky items at, particularly the 4-wheel crash trolley for Dh770. And since that's how my suitcase looked when it came off the conveyor belt after my last trip home, why not just lean it to the pending damage?

Snap caption: Frosted tips and pink lips at the barber in Dubai


Dear Pizza Hut: This crust appears to be breaded, please explain yourself


The Canadian embassy and Tim Hortons want you to go to Justin Bieber

This is adorable. My embassy wants you to "like" their Facebook page and they've paired up with a Canadian coffee institution to make it happen. (Although frankly there are so many Tim Hortons over here now I don't know where I'm at). From the press release:


Last Chance to win Fan Pit Tickets to see Justin Bieber in Dubai on May 5.

Like the Embassy's Facebook page and answer the question to win !

Pass on the info to your contacts !

Susan Sarandon survives SPiN Dubai

Is she not gorgeous? Wow oh wow do I hope I look one-tenth that good when I wake up tomorrow. Anyhoo, I travelled down to DXB for the opening of this club, SPiN Dubai, last night. First off, because I know you were wondering: no, the paddles are not actually that big.

Overheard in the newsroom: Justin Bieber edition

Editor A: I want to buy some new shoes. Editor B: Me too, and I know where they are and how much they cost. 
I'm getting tired of Justin though. 
She took something away from me that day.
I hate self-service.

Fifty Shades of Grey, et all : No respite, even at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair