Heartbreak: Just one of the 228 brutal stories of loss to emerge out of the Air France crash

Ana Negra Barrabeig was in the last days of her honeymoon when she apparently decided not to fly right back to Dubai, where she'd lived for 2.5 years and worked with her new husband at Oliver Wyman, a management consultancy. She left Rio de Janeiro and headed to Spain to catch up with family for a couple of days before going back to work.

Her new husband, Javier Alvarez, hopped on his flight, only to be met at the Dubai International Airport by two colleagues, bearing another ticket back to Spain and the horrible news her plane had disappeared.


Pu├ža said…
Yes, it's a very sad story, as she was from Barcelona I paid a lot of attention to hers.

I guess there's a sad situation behind every single passenger, but we are aware of hers for proximity. Feel really sorry for her husband.
amazingsusan said…
Yet another reminder to appreciate every moment because we don't know if we're going to be here the next.

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