Overheard at the Etisalat office

"Do you want me to sketch it for you?"

-There is no workable addressing system in Abu Dhabi - although one is apparently in the works – which is why I laughed when I heard a woman say this as she tried to impart just where it is she lived to a staffer coming to hook up her telephone.


Anton said…
I hate it when i have to explain this to relatives back home that they can't send me mail or packages through the regular postal system.

I find it ironic that in a place where modernization and urban metropolis are the buzz words to follow, you actually have to call people up to give you directions or a sketch map to get there...

Pennsylvania 6-5000 it surely aint...
Andrew Webber said…
....and yet, phone Burger-King, or any food outlet, or laundry or paper delivery guy for that matter, and they'll somehow manage to get whatever you asked for to your door - even with the most vague of descriptions. Most of the time its almost what you ordered as well.

We have also had to get in the car and drive to a landmark to meet a delivery truck (stuffed full of our newly purchased expat electrical necessities) so they could follow us back in to our apartment in Mushrif.

I love this place - every day it makes me laugh!

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