The atrocious cat is named: Mickey (Tumbleweed) it is

Thanks to Bob and JP, both freezing their ***ses off in Ottawa at the moment, for naming this hideous creature, which is, by the way, most definitely a boy. 

The first name is a nod to the come-back story of the year, Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler. Tumbleweed – well I am not quite sure where that one comes from as JP did not elaborate, but he is my friend and I like it. Plus, only two people made suggestions. 

So mostly I will call the cat Mickey (though I can always add the Tumbleweed, for effect, when it is in trouble and I want to speak sternly).

My next job will be to have it spayed (CORRECTION: neutered), so it cannot impregnate any of the Al Dafra cats. Of these, there can only be one.

Now, on to the next pressing issue: can anyone explain why I am so obsessed with this cat?


JP said…
I don't understand him in this pic. Is he looking for a tummy rub?
Cause if he is, I'm going to suggest that he not bare his fangs while doing so.
Please pass that on to..mmm.. Mickey.
Anonymous said…
Think you meant neutered, female cats are spayed.

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