Little things entertain us here

... including new restaurants and grocery stores opening. It seems like just yesterday that the One to One hotel opened, fairly near the office. It's been weeks, but still, all it takes is a walk into the beer garden to stumble across at least two other tables from The National before I find the friends I came to meet.

So while it may seem odd, much of the office is abuzz with the fun news that a popular Australian upscale grocery chain, Jones, is opening up just across the street. I am sold purely on their offer of a "walk in cheese room". On Friday I was invited to brunch there, and it is not yet open.


Sorry, where? Close to One to One hotel? I would like to check it out.
Sydney said…
Agreed. I live right by One to One Hotel and I would LOVE a place to buy real cheese so close!!! Share what you know. :)
Al Mamoura B (Mubadala Tower!)'s on the corner of Muroor and 15th, (the upper right corner if you are facing the Corniche) diagonal to the block that has the National, close to the intersection

(I am told I am terrible at giving directions here... it's also not open til July)

moryarti said…
I haven't been to Abu Dhabi for almost a year now ...

I have to do it very soon
Katie said…
Oh lordy, one of the things I miss most about Canada is the cheese. Let's just say Chinese cheese has a long way to go.

Fake Kraft singles are a way of life here...Snuffle.

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