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Snap caption: Santa poses in Ski Dubai grotto, makes sign of the horns

Why he is making the sign of the horns, however, remains unclear. Is he a heavy metal fan? From Texas? Just trying to signal to the kids he's all cool?

Snap caption: Even camel supermodels have to be camera-ready

The Mazayna Al Dafra camel festival starts today, running until December 28, in Madinat Zayed Al Gharbia, or the Western Region of Abu Dhabi. Do go, it's a ton of fun to see all the attention paid to these trusty "ship of the desert" creatures. And it's also home to the world's only camel beauty contest, which attracts camel owners from far and wide. The judging committee takes the selection process for a winner very seriously.

Snap caption: Abu Dhabi group for people in the insurance industry not so popular


Overheard in the newsroom: Artistic animals edition

Reporter: "And who is painting?"
Editor: "Otters."

Snap caption: Martin Sheen charms everyone at the Dubai International Film Festival; I wish he could be my grandfather


Dear BBC: Thanks for the A Canadian in Abu Dhabi shout-out!

A colleague pointed out that this piece from Sunshine Flint about life in Abu Dhabi lists this space as a way to find out more about life in the city.

The article was likely being prepared just as Abu Dhabi lifted the five per cent cap on rents, which has everyone (myself included) a little worried about what will happen when we re-up.

Highlight of my week: Painting otters at the Dubai Acquarium and Underwater Museum

Yes, I saw Blackfish. I know all about aquariums. But, but - these otters are painting, with little tiny brushes!

Happy 42nd National Day, you crazy kids

This official National Day Car Parade (as opposed to the many rolling unofficial similar events happening down on the Corniche right now) comes courtesy of the Life&Style Show UAE, on Thursday-Saturday at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, and the Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority (TCA Abu Dhabi).