I guess they'll just get another one

The London Evening Standard reports two Arabs from Abu Dhabi crashed a Lamborghini into Knightsbridge's Lowndes Square, reportedly telling a passerby: "It's all right, we'll pay for the damage."


Anonymous said…
Hi Ann Marie. Quitting yer job. Hmm. Something I've fantasized about extensively. Winning the lottery, still coming to work but doing only what I wanted to.
We were talking about you last night. Still enjoying Abu Dhabi?
Ha ha who is this? Someone from the Sun? Who was talking? So curious. Send me an email...

Yes I am enjoying it at the moment...
shafeena said…
Haha Thats so typical isnt it :D... great to have found a fellow blogger in Abudhabi... Will be coming back for more :D

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