Are you also tired of One Woman's Search for Everything?

Me too, but that is not stopping me from bitching a little that Eat Pray Love won't be hitting UAE theatres until October. October! Well, understandable, when Abu Dhabi Mall has already committed to currently showing such cutting edge films as The Maiden Heist and Whatever Works, both released in 2009.

I too have had my fill of the blind devotion Elizabeth Gilbert's book has attracted, a love-in propelled for much longer than it should have been by the release of the movie starring Julia Roberts and, of course, Oprah. But a friend highly recommended it, and although I was prepared to hate it, I enjoyed it in spite of myself, which is why I was looking forward to settling down in a darkened theatre to watch it. That and a dearth of much that is watchable in theatres.

Then today, I was grumbling about it not showing, feeling a bit silly about even bringing it up, and my smart female British colleague said the best thing ever.

"What is Eat Pray Love?"


Susan said…
I couldn't get to grips with the book. I just found her so self indulgent I just wanted to scream "get a life!!!" Which I guess is unfair because that's actually what she was doing! I felt a bit sorry for her husband too lol!
I felt sorry for him too! Apparently he wrote a book as well but I can't be bothered to read it.
Lisa said…



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