Really Maggi? Puccini, for broccoli soup?

I am left not knowing where to lodge my strenuous objection to the use of the stirring Turandot aria Nessun Dorma to accompany a television advertisement for a pouch of Nestle soup, particularly when the crescendo is utterly ruined with this voiceover: "So rich in broccoli you'll savour a soup that is three times richer than regular soups".

I also highly doubt that "three times richer" claim.


ThirdCat said…
Yes, every time that ad comes on, I say, 'Three times richer? How can you prove that?' And then I say, 'And anyway, why are they advertising soup in this country in this weather?'

I'm sure everyone in my house is sick of hearing me say it, but I feel it way more strongly than I really should, so thank you for giving me somewhere else to say it.

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