Don't give them any ideas: Abu Dhabi quote of the week

The Entertainment Weekly cover story this week asks "Is James Bond dead?" The franchise is in trouble due to MGM's cash woes, and the article jokes about the problem by suggesting:

“[MGM] should sell the Bond franchise for a billion dollars to some sovereign company in Abu Dhabi and promise to make Bond movies in Abu Dhabi."


"Don'f give them any ideas:..."

So whats wrong in AUH owning 007 franchise?
Anonymous said…
Whats wrong is that 007 movies have always been amazing (minus Dolton and that hack that made only one movie)

So what isnt broken shouldnt be played with.

Weird this is your post for the day as I've been contemplating buying the bond box set at Virgin Megastore for what comes out to 45 AED per movie.

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