Ramadan week 2: Can an elite athlete fast?

Why yes, they can. And do. The National's Matt Kwong had a story today that made me feel like a big whiny baby for being cranky that last Friday I had to go into the bathroom at the gym to drink water. In less than three months Adil Khalid, the Emirati sailing champion, training for the UAE at the 2010 Asian Games in China. Despite not being able to consume a morsel of food or a drop of water for hours, he trains twice a day. 

I think the message the rest of us can safely take away from this is: quit complaining about the heat and not being able to drink water in public, and get off your a**.


Anonymous said…
maybe this story will interest you as long as you are on the subject of fasting...

I loved it, thank you!
Anonymous said…
ok, for purely self-serving interests; would you be interested in re-publishing the ESPN story in the National?

I think it would be suitable considering the whole violent reactions the mosque story is causing in the US.

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