Having trouble mixing and matching, I apologise

Due to a lack of design skills, time, any sort of tenacity and, let's face it, interest, I keep changing the look of this blog, trying to find something I like. I rue the day I clicked on Design Template-New!

Turns out the options on Design Template-New! aren't really all that great. (No offense Awesome Inc. - I certainly could never do better myself) Really I'd just like it back the way it was, but as someone who is still in Abu Dhabi and not back in Canada, you can't  – and shouldn't always  – go home again. At least not right away, before experiencing things a bit. I am trying to get rid of the stupid boxes that surround each post,  but that is proving to be a challenge. (Update - I may have succeeded, but now I don't like the colour, sigh.)

So it will just be trying stuff on now and then until I can settle on something normal and not too irritating.


Rina said…
The background doesn't match but I like the layout. Maybe because I like pastel colors. I'm sure you'll be able to get rid of these boxes, I don't have a blog here so I can't be much help. (>_<)

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