UAE arugula, known to Brits as "rocket", appears to be generally and overwhelmingly disgusting

When I first arrived in Abu Dhabi there was one meal I enjoyed more than any other. There I'd be at my copy editing desk, happily munching away on pita bread slathered in the now, sadly, defunct Al Mashwa's outstanding hummus, topped with delicious, peppery arugula. My mouth waters just thinking about it. Arugula, in all it's peppery, vitamin-packed goodness, is awesome. Well the days of loving it are over, now that a professor at the American University of Sharjah had to go and reveal the results of his research: for some reason he collected arugula from basically everywhere and found it is riddled in more e-coli than you'd find in a typical toilet bowl.

Yes. Riddled. He was not able to remove it with soap and water. Or bleach.


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