I strongly urge you to click on this link...

... Emirates 24/7 has managed to choose the world's most inappropriate photo to illustrate a court case over an attempted rape and kidnapping in Satwa. Please, please please click. You will not be sorry. Comments strongly encouraged.

UPDATE: It looks like they have taken it down, probably due to extreme embarrassment, so let me describe it for you. It was a stock photo, of the back end of some sort of late 1950's-era car in a place that looked nothing like Dubai.  A woman's legs, clad in stockings and high heels, were sticking out of the closed trunk! I would not have believed it, but I swear to you I saw it with my own eyes.


Sarah Walton said…
I like her shoes...OMG
All what she had mentioned looked to be very weird. What she was doing at the road at 4 am and wasn't there anyone while she was brutally beaten by the man in the car and how did she know that other man was uncle of that person who had beaten him.
Anonymous said…
Maybe they've responded to your post and removed the picture - I clicked on the article and there was no picture.

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