I saw this in Carrefour... is this a thing?


Anonymous said…
In Dutch, "room" means creamy, so it's probably a soft, creamy cheese.
Verdi said…
Yeah, it is more than just a thing. Very tasty cheese, I must say. Try putting a slice of it with two slices of tomatoes on a piece of toast in the microwave for 30 seconds and you'll know life isn't entirely bad and there's hope for humanity.
Frannie said…
Great translation! It is a kind of cheese from Egypt, which you'd probably best translate as 'roman cheese' ~ 'roomi' is the adjective for 'Roman' in Arabic. At least that is my understanding.

It is (I believe) actually a cheese very similar to pecorino romano.
Hala said…
It's typically an Egyptian type of cheese :)
The name doesn't seem to translate well, does it??? I'm enjoying your blog!
Thanks DebbieT and Verdi, for the toasty tip (which is will soon do). I posted it because I thought perhaps they were calling it "Roomy" cause it had little holes in it!
Anonymous said…
It's translation is off. In Arabic it is called Roomy Cheese, As in Roman Cheese. Room = Rome (the empire) Roomy = Roman.

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