A moment of silence, for Al Mashwa

The Lebanese restaurant around the corner from work that made hummus so creamy and nutty and delicious I hold it personally responsible for this, has closed down to make way for another outpost of a mediocre Italian eatery in town.

I ate from this restaurant at least twice a week, with their delicious and reasonably-priced salads and shish tawooks delivered right to my desk. Right now I am looking for answers: how could such a brisk business close? Did the owner sell enough mixed grills to retire?

As a friend of mine put it, with the business from The National, it could have been tipping oil as Abu Dhabi's most profitable industry.


Graeme Baker said…
Oi that's my joke!
werter said…
I agree completely with you. This restaurant has been the best lebanese restaurant in town, the quality of food was very good and the price acceptables.I'm italian but i don't want another poor clone of a very italian restaurant.
Al Mashwa miss me.
Anonymous said…
Seriously, I have been wondering the same thing since the day I called and the Indian guy on the other side of the phone told me "this is Il Forno now". It sounded like a cruel joke.
They didnt even call us to say goodbye. *sigh*

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