Happy National Day!!!!!

The United Arab Emirates turns 39 this year, and though I can't help but get the feeling that people are holding back slightly for next year's big 4-0, all the ingredients are there – lights, decorated cars, honking, whoops and loud music – for a big old party. Here are some of the things around our office:

One of my favourite decorations of the year was this: some sort of creche erected on top of the security scanner. It is all sorts of awesome. (Although that giant horse head to the left led to nightmares - I went home and dreamt that a giant horse was attacking the building.) It warrants a closer look:

This is Kareem Shaheen, one of our national reporters, and below Haneen Dajani, even further decked out.

Someone even gave me a little of my own bling.


Rina said…
Happy National Day~! :D

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