Not your typical Christmas Eve: Top of the Burj Khalifa

View from the ground, outside Dubai Mall.

A friend is leaving Abu Dhabi, going back to Canada next week, and for a variety of reasons he did not get to see and do all he wanted to while he was here. So yesterday we rented a car and drove to Dubai so we could go up to the top of the tallest building in the world. It's a bit misleading, because the Burj Khalifa is 160 floors, and the highest you can go as a visitor to the building is 124. But it's pretty cool, all the same.

Burj casts quite a shadow.

The last 36 floors.

Looks like an artist's rendering, doesn't it?


JP said…
Can people swim in the water below? It looks so inviting.
No can swim my friend... those are the Dubai Fountain waters.

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