Why wouldn't they want to run 4k in 40 degree heat on their day off?

So the Ministry of Labour decided to hold a fun run down on the Corniche yesterday to celebrate May Day. They rounded up hundreds of labourers to participate, on their only day off, gave them Carrefour trainers and running kits, and set them loose. Cash prizes on offer.

I am quite sure, after six hard, long days working in the blazing sun, labourers were jumping at the chance to enter a race they had not trained for, in shoes they had not broken in, in heat so intense I felt like passing out just walking from my house to the cab.

Brilliant. Just brilliant.


nzm said…
I guess that the only thing that could make it worse is if the trainers and kit were taken back after the race, and the prize money was "donated" back to the company to pay for improvements to their labour camps.

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