Ten things I still can't get used to about the UAE

1 No chai tea latte, cold or hot, in Starbucks. This, despite the proximity to India.

2 People keeping the original plastic on their car seats - for years.

3 The empty taxi illusion: when I think the taxi coming in my direction is empty, failing to notice the tiny, fully-veiled Emirati woman in the back left seat.

4 How to instruct a taxi driver to "turn, next left" without him slamming on the brakes and trying to take "this" one.

5 Why so many people come into the theatre one-third, a half, or two-thirds of the way through the movie.

6 Khandooras (long white gear that is the traditional dress) and baseball caps.

7 How late the little ones stay up.

8 That grocery stores and malls can be that busy.

9 A kiss on Friends is cut, yet Sex and the City airs in its entirety on Showtime.

10 Calling the corner store and having anything I want from it delivered to my door five minutes later.


Cat Russell said…
LOL, lovely! :-)
Rose in Dubai said…
re the plastic seats thing - I wondered that until I saw how they drive - at least with the plastic covers its easy to clean the stains off the upholstry!!
Pu├ža said…
they realle keep the plastic on car seat?????

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