Not what I needed it for, sir

So I went to the pharmacy the other night and asked for epsom salts, expecting to find a big bag of them like I would at Shopper's Drug Mart back in Canada. I needed them because my sister-in-law said I should put them in the bath, to draw out the toxins and help me get over what seems like a never-ending series of colds and sore throats.

The pharmacist plucked one of these pill bottles off a shelf. I was confused, as I needed way more than that for the bath, so I asked for four. He may have looked at me kind of funny.

When I got home and unscrewed the top on the first one, I noticed the bottle recommended taking a teaspoon "for the symptomatic relief of occasional constipation".


shorty said…
recommend the real thing!
its like experiencing a cosmic orgasm!!
Anton said…
I can probably imagine the bewildered look on the pharmacists face when you asked for four.

It is good you didn't bother explaining why you wanted four as he would not have gotten the whole bath thing as well.
Heather Jane said…
Ah, crappy deal.

If I had known I would have brought a giant bag for you!

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