Abu Dhabi: Artists rendering versus reality

Centre for Documentation and Research


Rina said…
Hi there~ umm..actually the comment I'm about to post isn't related to this entry but I'll comment on your blog in general. :)
Well to begin with I'm a local girl who lives in Al ain, I looked through some of your recent entries and I found them quite interesting. I've never had the chance to exchange thoughts or opinions with an expatriate over the internet before. *most of the things I'm going to write will be random so feel free to ignore me*

So~ I study at a college and most of my teachers are from foreign countries like Canada. Most people don't appreciate that because you know when they say that they take the good jobs & blah blah. I guess there are other people who appreciate them and I'm one of them. I always think of how they feel, leaving their countries to work in a very strange place especially with the big differences we have in our cultures.

I think this is too long for a random comment. ^^;

& I might come and look around in the future. :D

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