Friday, May 8, 2009

Home mail delivery in three years!!!

Today's big news: Emirates Post plans to use GPS to get mail to residential and office boxes by 2012.

As I am still waiting for my birthday packages from May 2008 to arrive, I remain skeptical.

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Dave said...

These announcements by Empost are so boring. In 2006 they said that by 2008 we would have home delivery of all mail into the UAE - Never happened.

They also claimed in 2007 to have set up a partnering arrangement with airlines based out of Al Ain for some transition ( and daily export) of mail to Europe - Never happened.

Basically they are an inferior mail serive approx 10 years behind any of the courier companies operating in the UAE. I would suggest don't hold your breathe and don't waste your time using them for anything other than a simple letter...

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