Random conversation with a cab driver about my fictional husband

I haven't made up a husband in awhile here in Abu Dhabi. Perhaps I now carry an air of weariness that suggests I did not just get off the boat (actually, the Etihad plane, but whatever), but cab drivers just don't seem to be as curious about me as they used to be. But the other night Mohammed from Afghanistan was very curious. (He also made a rough grab for my knee as I was paying from the back seat, so I deleted his number, which he had ordered me to put in my mobile phone for the next time I need a lift – but only if I happen to be "near", whatever that meant.)

Mohammed: You have children?

Me: No.

Mohammed: No children? What problem? You go to doctor?

Me: No.

Mohammed: Your husband go to doctor?

Me: No.

Mohammed: Me, no children. Then, go to doctor, two years, two girls!


JP said…
Is the doctor the father?
ha ha ha, I did wonder what was going on there...
Robin said…
i have a fictional husband (what are ex-husbands for anyway?) two children (niece and nephew).

But then again, i now have wheels.

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