You don't need a building to pray in...

... as these men prove. I've always wondered about the pile of mats and plywood in this vacant sand lot around the corner from my flat, by a supermarket and not far from the road.

Then one night I ran out to get something at the store and saw them there at evening prayers. There is a mosque not two minutes from this spot – although, like most of the mosques around, come prayer time it is not big enough for everyone to fit inside.


Graeme Baker said…
I do so miss this sight, in many ways. It's good to see people with belief and a purpose. Much better than 400 drunken yobbos wobbling down the streets every night.
JP said…
I'll take the drunken yobbos. I'm not comfortable with blind faith, especially of those who have been led to believe that their purpose is to further the faith in violent ways.
Wobbly yobbos rarely strap on a explosive vest with the hopes and dreams of martyrdom.
Graeme Baker said…
You are more likely to be murdered in a random act of drunken violence than you are blown up by a religious zealot. But take your chances with the drunks.

And well done for tarring all Muslims with the same brush. They pray therefore they have potential to be really evil. Nice logic.
JP said…
I just like getting you going.

P.S. I take issue with all reigions, not just the one. If only people had the same faith in the power of themselves.
Anonymous said…
This bigotry is deplorable. From "belief and purpose" we got "explosive vest[s]" and "martyrdom" from you. Unreal. Seriously, nice logic.

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